Precautions on using Valor SX in peanuts

Valor SX (flumioxazin) continues to be our most effective soil applied herbicide for control of glyphosate- and ALS-resistant Palmer amaranth in peanuts.  According to the label, Valor SX should be applied immediately after planting but no later than 2 days after planting.  Of course, not everything goes to plan.  Some precautions to note:

  • If the 2 days have passed without applying Valor SX, then do not apply Valor SX if soil above the seed has cracked and herbicide spray will contact the seed.
  • Seedling damage has been observed if peanut emerges through Valor SX treated soil and intense rainfall event splashes treated soil onto the new foliage of the emerging peanut plant.

Additional comments for Valor SX:

  • Valor SX can be tank mixed with Dual Magnum (other generics available), Prowl, Sonalan, or Outlook for improved grass control in peanuts.
  • Be sure to clean out the spray tank/boom assembly containing Valor SX shortly after finishing spray for the day.  Do not let Valor SX sit in the tank/boom assembly overnight.
  • A rainfall or irrigation event of at least ¼ to ½ inch is needed within 7 days of Valor SX application to ensure proper activation (i.e., to get the maximum residual effect of Valor SX).

If not activation occurs, then use Dual Magnum (other generics available), Outlook, or Pursuit with your At-Crack Gramoxone early postemergence treatment for residual control of Palmer amaranth.


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