Peanut Update — Early Season Problems

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The peanut planting season is slowly coming to a close. The May 20th crop progress report indicated we were somewhere around 63% planted. I think we will be 80-85% planted by the end of this week. For the most part, emergence has been okay with only a few isolated germination problems with a few varieties.  The most important problem growers are faced with now is weed control. The over-abundance and lack of rain in some areas of the state has caused growers to be late with herbicides allowing for some weed escapes and causing some damage to emerging peanuts (Valor Injury).   Peanut is a tough plant when it comes to herbicide tolerance.  Based on the calls and fields visited, it seems like there is more valor damage being observed on the runner varieties (please see pictures below). Part of this may be due to the slower emergence and vigor of the runner varieties compared to the Virginia varieties. In both of our variety challenge trials at EDISTO and at PEEDEE, all runner varieties were behind the Virginias in overall growth.   This is nothing to worry about. The difference in growth or vigor between runners and Virginias have been previously documented.  There should not be any yield loss as a result of valor injury on either runner or Virginia type peanuts.

Along with taking care of your early season weed control, It is  time to determine your landplaster or gypsum needs.  It is recommended to apply 1500 to 2000 lbs/acre of gypsum/landplaster for Virginia type varieties and 1000 to 1500 lbs/acre for large runner varieties.  Please see the 2012 peanut money maker for more information —

Please give me a call if you need me in any way. I would be happy to help.

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Photo courtesy of Eric Prostko


Photo courtesy of Eric Prostko


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