Peanut Update and Dates to Remember

Good Day Everyone,

The South Carolina Peanut Crop is greatly improved from last month.  A majority of the peanut growing area has received at least some rain over the last two weeks.  For the most part, growers have caught up with weed control and are into their 60-75 DAP fungicide applications.  White mold and late leaf spot are beginning to develop in some areas.  With rain still in the forecast for the next week, try to stay on track with your fungicide program.  This is extremely important for fields with susceptible varieties.   For the acres planted with Bailey, remember it has very good resistance to white mold and late leafspot and does not require an extensive fungicide program like a susceptible variety would.   Bailey should allow you to save a few dollars on fungicides. Take a look at our recommended fungicide programs in the disease management section of the Peanut Money Maker and/or give me a call if you have questions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the different fungicide programs.

Along with diseases, foliage feeding insects are being observed in a few fields.  This is not a warning for insects or a need for an insecticide application rather a reminder to begin scouting for insects in your fields in the upcoming weeks. Scouting procedures and recommendations for foliage feeders are:

  •  Use a 3′ shake cloth to look for worms
  • Work the dowel handle up under the lateral stems to the plant crown and bend the other side of the plants over the cloth; then beat down vigorously 15 times to knock the worms onto the cloth.  Shake the plants, bend them back out of the way, and count the worms on the cloth.  Also count the worms under the cloth on both sides of the row to calculate worms per row ft.
  • Check 3-5 areas of the field.
  • Unstressed peanuts can tolerate 8 foliage feeding worms per row ft.
  • The treatment threshold is 4 worms per row ft. on stressed plants which have not lapped the middle or where Lorsban has previously been applied.

Remember unnecessary insecticide applications can flare other insect like spider mites.

Dates to Remember:

Peanut Field Days

2012 Multi-Crop Field Day at PeeDee REC in Florence on Tuesday, August 21st.

2012 Peanut /Corn Field Day at Edisto REC in Blackville on Thursday, September 6th.


State Peanut Meeting on January 31, 2013

The State Peanut Meeting is going to be held in a different location in 2013.  Due to a change in renting policy at the Family Life Center in Orangeburg, SC, the meeting is moving to the newly built Santee Convention Center in Santee, SC.  Like with any change, the new location will take some getting use to but I am confident it will better serve the growth and needs of our peanut meeting for years to come.  The Santee Convention Center is located on the corner of BASS Drive (US HWY 15) and Bonner Avenue in Santee, SC

The Santee Convention Center allows for:

  • A more centralized meeting location for the state
  • A larger meeting room
  • A separate sponsor booth/trade area
  • More parking
  • Easy access from Interstate 95
  • More outdoor area for equipment to be displayed

I will send more information out regarding the field days and the state peanut meeting in the next few weeks.

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