Peanut /Corn Field Day at Edisto REC, Blackville, SC

Schedule for Peanut Field Day —– Edisto REC

8:30-9:30                     REGISTRATION

9:30- Noon                 Peanut Field Tour

Tour Stop I.

A. Soil Borne Disease Research

¨  Twin vs. Single Rows and Susceptible vs Resistant vs. Mixed

¨  Bailey Reduced Fungicide

B. New Technology

¨  New Twin row Planter

¨  Yield Monitor

Tour Stop II.

A. Variety Challenge- Comparison of new vs. standard runner and Virginia types.

B. Herbicide Burn and Drift Symptomology

C. Lesser Corn Stalk Borer

Tour Stop III.

A. Insect Management – Thrips/TSWV and Leafhoppers

B. Disease Screen – New Virginia and Runner Varieties

C. Tillage Type/Timing and Cover Crops


12:00 – 1:00 PM         Lunch


1:00 – 2:00 Pm          Corn Tour/Presentation

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