Kudzu Bug Seminar/Field Day

Kudzu Bug Seminar/Field Day

1)    What: Kudzu bug field day with in-field plot tour, indoor session, question/answer session, lunch, etc.

2)    When: 11 September 2012 (a Tuesday) – free registration at 8:30AM…program starts at 9:00AM

3)    Where: Edisto REC, 64 Research Road, Blackville, SC 29817 (just west of Blackville on Hwy 78)

4)    Who: All are invited, but we particularly want soybean producers and consultants to attend

5)    Why: The invasive pest is new, as is the information to be provided by numerous scientists

6)    How: The meeting is sponsored by the United Soybean Board and the South Carolina Soybean Board

RSVP requested:  Please email Jeremy Greene (greene4@clemson.edu) by 4 September to let me know that you are attending.  We need this information to plan lunch and breaks.  The meeting is FREE.  Scientists with Clemson, UGA, NCSU, USDA, and industry will be on the program addressing topics such as:

  • Discovery and distribution of kudzu bug in USA
  • How did the insect get here, and from where did it come?
  • Biology of the kudzu bug
  • Bio-control potential
  • Tour of soybean field plots and field discussions
  • Insecticide efficacy
  • Yield component analyses/field cages
  • Host plant resistance
  • Recommendations for control in soybeans
  • Multi-state panel question and answer session
  • Effect of maturity group, planting dates, etc.



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