2012 Cotton/Soybean Field Day, October 4th at 3:30—- Edisto Research & Education Center

2012 Cotton/Soybean Field Day

Edisto Research & Education Center

Blackville, South Carolina

Thursday, October 4th at 3:30


3:30        Registration

4:00        Tour Departs     

Dr. Jose PayeroDr. Mike Marshall

Dr. Jeremy Greene

Mr. David Gunter

Dr. Chris Ray

Mr. Will Henderson

Dr. Emerson Shipe

Dr. John Mueller

Irrigation for CottonBrake Herbicide Results in Cotton

Soybean Insect Management

Cotton & Soybean O.V.T. Trials

Conventional Clemson Cultivars

Twin row Bean & Cotton Demonstration

Soybean Variety Development

Soybean Rust Management

7:00     Supper Program:


Larry McKenzie

Commissioner Hugh Weathers

Steven Meadows

South Carolina   Farm Bureau

South Carolina Department of Agriculture

Director of Extension, Clemson University

7:30 Adjourn

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