Disease and Insect Update


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Field conditions are improving for most of the state allowing growers to make some headway in managing their weed, disease, and insect problems. Like mentioned in the previous newsletter, disease is becoming more active throughout the state. With this in mind, try to remain on a timely schedule with your fungicides. Some of the disease being observed is Early Leaf spot, Funky Leaf Spot, White Mold, and CBR. Funky leaf spot has been observed in many fields. Symptoms appear early in the growing season on the lower to mid canopy leaves. Lesions look like early leaf spot, but spores are never observed in the lesion. Some defoliation may occur, but yield losses have not been demonstrated. Fungicides do not control funky leaf spot; therefore, growers need to be aware of which leaf spot they have before applying an additional fungicide.


Along with diseases, foliage feeding insects are being observed in a few fields. This is not a warning for insects or a need for an insecticide application rather a reminder to begin scouting for insects in your fields in the upcoming weeks. Scouting procedures and recommendations for foliage feeders are:

  • Use a 3′ shake cloth to look for worms
  • Work the dowel handle up under the lateral stems to the plant crown and bend the other side of the plants over the cloth; then beat down vigorously 15 times to knock the worms onto the cloth. Shake the plants, bend them back out of the way, and count the worms on the cloth. Also count the worms under the cloth on both sides of the row to calculate worms per row ft.
  • Check 3-5 areas of the field.
  • Unstressed peanuts can tolerate 8 foliage feeding worms per row ft.
  • The treatment threshold is 4 worms per row ft. on stressed plants which have not lapped the middle or where Lorsban has previously been applied.

Remember unnecessary insecticide applications can flare other insect like spider mites.


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