Tobacco Notes: 2-2020 Transplant Water Products

I have had a few questions regarding mixing of products (Admire, Coragen, Ridomil, etc.) in the transplant water. In my experience, I have not had nor heard of any issues with current insecticide or fungicide products being tank-mixed in the transplant water (from a compatibility issue or being too “hot”). Caution should be taken when including fertilizer products in the concoction of materials. If a product has not been used before, try in a small area before application to the entire acreage. In most cases, injury is observed when products have a high salt index and are used at a low solution volume, especially during dry conditions.

Under the right conditions, injury can occur from an insecticide as a tray drench or in the transplant water. This typically occurs during poor growing conditions as the product is still being taken up by the plant with little growth. Often times symptoms are temporary and the plant grows out of it.

Matt Inman – Clemson University Assistant Professor and Extension Tobacco Specialist

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