Mid-Late Season Peanut Update

Good Afternoon, The peanut crop continues to improve with a majority of the state receiving rain over the last few weeks.   This is more moisture than South Carolina Producers have seen going into August in a few years.   The latest acreage report for peanut has put South Carolina above and beyond our initial projections.  South … Read more

Peanut Update —- Correct Identification of Pests

Good Afternoon,The peanut crop continues to grow without hesitation except for the areas where rain has been limited. Overall, the crop is holding up well with a large portion of the early-mid May planted acres lapped and in peak bloom.  I commend all of our growers for their hard work and efforts in getting the … Read more

Peanut Update

The crop has improved dramatically over the last two weeks. Some of the early planted peanuts are beginning to lap the middles and are blooming well.  Although the majority of the South Carolina peanut crop is doing well so far, growers are still having germination/stand problems with a few of the late planted runner varieties.  … Read more