2012 Variety Evaluations for Disease Resistance and Performance

I have received a lot of questions over the last week regarding variety performance and disease resistance compared to Bailey (our new standard). With this in mind, I have pulled together all of our results from this past year.  Remember to keep in mind the disease package when picking a variety (Not just Yield and … Read more

Kudzu Bug Seminar/Field Day

Kudzu Bug Seminar/Field Day 1)    What: Kudzu bug field day with in-field plot tour, indoor session, question/answer session, lunch, etc. 2)    When: 11 September 2012 (a Tuesday) – free registration at 8:30AM…program starts at 9:00AM 3)    Where: Edisto REC, 64 Research Road, Blackville, SC 29817 (just west of Blackville on Hwy 78) 4)    Who: All … Read more

Peanut /Corn Field Day at Edisto REC, Blackville, SC

Schedule for Peanut Field Day —– Edisto REC 8:30-9:30                     REGISTRATION 9:30- Noon                 Peanut Field Tour Tour Stop I. A. Soil Borne Disease Research ¨  Twin vs. Single Rows and Susceptible vs Resistant vs. Mixed ¨  Bailey Reduced Fungicide B. New Technology ¨  New Twin row Planter ¨  Yield Monitor Tour Stop II. A. Variety Challenge- … Read more

Mid-Late Season Peanut Update

Good Afternoon, The peanut crop continues to improve with a majority of the state receiving rain over the last few weeks.   This is more moisture than South Carolina Producers have seen going into August in a few years.   The latest acreage report for peanut has put South Carolina above and beyond our initial projections.  South … Read more

Peanut Update —- Correct Identification of Pests

Good Afternoon,The peanut crop continues to grow without hesitation except for the areas where rain has been limited. Overall, the crop is holding up well with a large portion of the early-mid May planted acres lapped and in peak bloom.  I commend all of our growers for their hard work and efforts in getting the … Read more