Kudzu Bug Discussed in Latest ‘Focus on Soybean’ Webcast

The Plant Management Network (PMN) has launched a new presentation in its Focus on Soybean webcast resource. The latest webcast is titled “Observations and Biology of Kudzu Bugs and Their Management in Southeastern Soybeans” by Dr. Jeremy Greene, Professor of Entomology at Clemson University.         Since its first confirmation in 2009 at a home in Georgia … Read more

Peanut Update

The crop has improved dramatically over the last two weeks. Some of the early planted peanuts are beginning to lap the middles and are blooming well.  Although the majority of the South Carolina peanut crop is doing well so far, growers are still having germination/stand problems with a few of the late planted runner varieties.  … Read more

Early Season Peanut Issues

Good Day Everyone, The rain seemed to continue to fall at the Edisto REC and much of the peanut growing areas of the state the early part of the week. We have received more than inch over the last few days not to count the rain from tropical depression last week.  This is a change … Read more

Peanut Update — Early Season Problems

Good Day Everyone, The peanut planting season is slowly coming to a close. The May 20th crop progress report indicated we were somewhere around 63% planted. I think we will be 80-85% planted by the end of this week. For the most part, emergence has been okay with only a few isolated germination problems with a … Read more