Natural and “Insecticide-Facilitated” Mortality of Early-Season Kudzu Bugs

The infestation of kudzu bugs on early-season soybeans continues, but natural mortality of the overwintered adults is increasing.  We might see numbers of this species decline on early-planted soybeans before increasing again when the F1 generation comes off of kudzu.  I sprayed some of these soybeans with insecticide yesterday and observed very high mortality today.  We used Endigo at … Read more

Kudzu Bugs on Early-Planted Soybeans

We have started observing eye-catching populations of kudzu bugs on early-planted soybeans in SC, and similar observations are being made in other states.  Earlier this week, I took this photo of soybeans planted on 20 April.  We did not see this last year this early on planted soybeans, and we have already started getting calls about … Read more

Peanut Acreage For 2012 – It’s All On Paper For The Moment

The projected planted acres for SC as indicated by reports from our growers came in late last week.   If South Carolina growers plant all of the acres suggested by the March 30, 2012 report, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), we will set another planting record of 105,000 acres.  This is a 36% increase … Read more