2012 Variety Evaluations for Disease Resistance and Performance

I have received a lot of questions over the last week regarding variety performance and disease resistance compared to Bailey (our new standard). With this in mind, I have pulled together all of our results from this past year.  Remember to keep in mind the disease package when picking a variety (Not just Yield and … Read more

Peanut Update — Early Season Problems

Good Day Everyone, The peanut planting season is slowly coming to a close. The May 20th crop progress report indicated we were somewhere around 63% planted. I think we will be 80-85% planted by the end of this week. For the most part, emergence has been okay with only a few isolated germination problems with a … Read more

Peanut Acreage For 2012 – It’s All On Paper For The Moment

The projected planted acres for SC as indicated by reports from our growers came in late last week.   If South Carolina growers plant all of the acres suggested by the March 30, 2012 report, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), we will set another planting record of 105,000 acres.  This is a 36% increase … Read more