Natural and “Insecticide-Facilitated” Mortality of Early-Season Kudzu Bugs

The infestation of kudzu bugs on early-season soybeans continues, but natural mortality of the overwintered adults is increasing.  We might see numbers of this species decline on early-planted soybeans before increasing again when the F1 generation comes off of kudzu.  I sprayed some of these soybeans with insecticide yesterday and observed very high mortality today.  We used Endigo at … Read more

Kudzu Bugs on Early-Planted Soybeans

We have started observing eye-catching populations of kudzu bugs on early-planted soybeans in SC, and similar observations are being made in other states.  Earlier this week, I took this photo of soybeans planted on 20 April.  We did not see this last year this early on planted soybeans, and we have already started getting calls about … Read more

Precautions on using Valor SX in peanuts

Valor SX (flumioxazin) continues to be our most effective soil applied herbicide for control of glyphosate- and ALS-resistant Palmer amaranth in peanuts.  According to the label, Valor SX should be applied immediately after planting but no later than 2 days after planting.  Of course, not everything goes to plan.  Some precautions to note: If the … Read more

Kudzu Bug Spreading in the Southeast

Distribution of Kudzu Bug 8 May 2012

Visit our kudzu bug webpage at Clemson University for the latest information on this invasive pest.  We have a new fact sheet for homeowners, the latest map of its distribution in the Southeast, videos, recommendations for managing the pest in soybeans, and more.